Since my birth in June 2015 I have left pawprints in places and hearts all over the world. Scroll right on the timeline to see my journey so far.

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The latest from Pebbles and her parents, Abbey and Hugh.

Whether you are looking for tips and tricks on travelling with your dog or just want to follow our adventures around the world, you’ll find all the latest here. Abbey and Hugh thought their adventures through 87 countries would prepare them for the challenges of travelling with a dog. They were wrong!

Hi, I’m Pebbles
The Travelling Pug

For the first four years of my life the furthest I had gone from my home in South Wales was to Edinburgh, Scotland for a long weekend. Days after my fourth birthday my humans decided it was time for me to start exploring the world with them!


Countries Visited

Since then I have been to 28 countries across Europe and North America. The plan is to keep travelling for as long as life will let us.

Pebbles xoxo

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