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Pebbles The Travelling Pug with Parents Hugh and Abbey


I’m Pebbles, a four year old pug from South Wales. I travel the world with my humans Abbey and Hugh. So far I’ve clocked 27 countries. I love swimming, eating ice cream, the drive thru and long naps.


I’m Abbey. I was born in South Wales but now spend my time travelling the world with my husband, Hugh and dog, Pebbles. I love adventure, rooftop sunsets, the beach, great views and tequila.


I’m Hugh, husband to Abbey and daddy to Pebbles. Abbey and I have travelled to 87 countries together, mastering the art of annoying each other. I love the feeling of sun on my face, Call of Duty and burritos.

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Since meeting in 2013 we have loved travelling the world together. As a couple it has always been our favourite thing to do. Being able to take Pebbles with us has taken that love to another level!

We hope our adventures show you that it is possible and often simple to travel with your pet!

Pebbles the Pug and her parents Hugh and Abbey
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