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Frequently asked questions


Why do you take your dog travelling with you?

Because she’s a part of our family! We spent the first 4 years of her life taking trips without her. Last year we decided we wanted to travel long-term but would only ever do that if we could take Pebbles. So, we embarked on a four month long adventure through Europe to see how she adapted to travel. She loved it!

How can you travel with your dog or pet?

This is a topic I plan to cover extensively over several blog posts, which I will link to here once they are done. For the most part, so long as your dog is vaccinated against rabies and treated for internal and external tapeworms, you can get the paperwork together to go to most countries! These days very few countries enforce quarantine on pets with the correct documentation.

Can you take your dog on planes?

Yes! A lot of airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin, the hold or as cargo. So long as you are willing to be flexible with your route you can find an airline that can get you where you want to go. Check our this post to see what it’s like to fly with a pet in cabin.

How do you find pet friendly accommodation?

We usually use Airbnb, booking.com or Expedia to book our accommodation. All sites have the ability to filter properties by pet friendliness. Usually we will narrow down our options to a few different places and then reach out to them directly. This is to make sure they are definitely pet friendly, check what rules apply and if there are extra fees. Hotels will often charge a per night fee or an additional cleaning fee. Airbnbs don’t usually try and charge extra (it’s not unheard of though).